Products Care

Our items are stored well and handled with care. All items will come in our handmade dust bag and handprinted boxes. As soon as your purchase is received, we advise you to carefully unveil your items as it can be delicate.
To prevent any concerns about allergies please read our products description before purchase and contact us for any further query.

Golden Rules to wear and care for your Earrings or Headpieces


Here are some tips on wearing your crowned earrings and head-accessories with care.


  • Maintain and protect your items in the packaging after worn.


  • For a longer lasting wear, please do not sleep or wash with any of your jewellery.


  • Avoid any liquids on jewellery for a durable upkeep!


  • To avoid damage to your ear holes, ensure that earrings with over 15g in weight are worn for 3-5 hours maximum.


  • Try your very best not to mix coloured metals such as gold and silver together when packaged.


  • Avoid extreme hot temperature and UV rays to protect gemstones.


  • Store in cool and dry places.


  • Try to use the earrings back-finding when wearing. We may sometimes provide you with two so it will be secured more when worn.


For any further issues and advise please contact us.