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Our profound collections welcome’s a narrative of women in all stages of life. It starts from the girl that recognises herself to be a princess then transforms into a queen and then holds her golden values. Each collection tells a story and hold a great message for you to hold on to.  

About My Roial Ears Fashion

My Roial Ears Fashion is young and very much in line with trends from runways and around the globe! She is named after flowers and loves anything new and different. The runway is her playground and she is a walking statement giving with vivid colours and bold finishing’s.

About My Roial Ears Occasional

My Roial Ears Occasional, the Wow Factor for all evening events and ones with glitz and glam! She is named after top models, divas and influential pageant queens. She lives on the red carpet with stately and exquisite gowns. My Roial Ears Occasional is our collection to be celebrating elegant and classy.

About My Roial Ears Bridal

Royalty is the inspiration for this ultimate collection. My Roial Ears Bridal is named after royalty and influential women in history. She will always be reminded of how special and beautiful she is when crowned with our earrings and headpieces on her special day.
Diamond, pearls, and coloured gemstones are all combined. In quality gold, and silver-plated metals for luxurious earrings as well as headpieces.

About My Roial Ears Gold

Gold is pure, strong and effortless therefore it is the signature to My Roial Ears Gold.
Named after Greek goddesses it is that collection that tells a mythical story and celebrates women to be golden. It is a collection with 18k plated earrings,plated by our reputable gold-plated UK manufacturer, all for a long-lasting colour wear up one year.




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