About Us

about us
We are an Earring outlet with Headpieces to link to our brand image. We believe that every woman deserves a crown and to be recognised with value and class. So, being that earrings are worn by most women, our brand, when worn, is to always remind them of their invisible crown. My Roial Ears depicts self-worth and our intention is to inspire beauty and elevate women’s status with our products.
 My Roial Ears is a brand to help women feel special, empowered and to elevate, valued in spite of what they face.


Our Collections


 In our brand we have four collections to make you shop easily. No matter what type of earrings you are looking for, our aim is for you to find something special within our collections. All to make you look and feel your every best always when worn.   

Our products are quality pieces, collected from global soon to come brands and manufactures.


Due to our love for earrings our aim is to also help our customers recognise how special ear-rings can be as well as gain recognition for manufacturers and designers.  We aim is to stock the very best brands and designer pieces within our collections. So shop our profound collections:


My Roial Ears Bride

My Roial Ears- Fashion

My Roial Ears- Gold

My Roial Ears-Occasional


About My Roial Ears Fashion

 My Roial Ears Fashion is very much in line with trends from runways and around the globe! Loves anything new and different and our aim is to bring you the best within fashion earrings from specialised and profound designers along with manufactures.

Fashion is our core element and if you will like to be that statement factor with the earrings you wear, or if you are looking for something different to showcase your look: 

Shop my Roial Ears Fashion and let your Earrings be the highlight of the show!


About My Roial Ears Gold


Gold is pure, strong and effortless therefore it is the signature to My Roial Ears Gold. Our aim for this collection is to give the very best in gold earrings and we have started this off by offering a wide range of gold and silver plated earrings. Plated by us from a reputable gold-plated UK manufacturer, all for a long lasting colour wear up one year.


Shop my Roial Ears Gold and stand strong!


About My Roial Ears Bridal


A perfect Earring or head accessory for that big day is from My Roial Ears Bridal and we are here to help you.  Elevate your look and make you feel very special on that big day.  We offer a wide range of earrings to match the perfect look. In this, diamonds, pearls along with different gemstones are welcomed for an affordable price in our earrings and head-pieces.


We believe that our brides deserve the very best and hope to deliver this.


Shop my Roial Ears Bride and be that Queen Bride


About My Roial Ears Occasional


My Roial Ears Occasional is the Wow Factor for all events! In this category we hope to deliver earrings for the most exquisite events. Earrings that are modest, stately and exquisite to dress up. My Roial Ears Occasional has relevance to My Roial Ears Bride because they can be worn in the evening of the wedding day. Whether it’s a red carpet event, your prom or you are hoping to be Miss Universe we have perfect earrings to match your look! 


Take pride in looking elegant and classy and for that event

Shop my Roial Ears Occasional.

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