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Statement Gold Earrings

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Alcippe- gold plated leaf-inspired hoop earrings

From £14.00 - £24.00

Color | Gold

Alcippe Silver- leaf-inspired hoop earrings

From £14.00 - £24.00

Color | Gold

Penelope Silver- abstract striking statement earrings

From £10.00 - £20.00

Colour | Silver

Unique and Statement earrings are big bold earrings that can easily get the attention of everyone so these statement earrings are designed in such a way that they can turn you into a dominant personality and you will the most attractive person of the function or event.

Gold is the most used material in earrings so a pair of gold statement earrings will be the desired option for you if you are looking for something amazing in gold and the best thing about these gold statement earrings is that they are universal and you can use them in any occasion or event.

Unique gold earrings came in different designs and you can choose any of them according to their use like if you are searching for such gold earrings then on this page we have a large variety of gold statement earrings so you just have to choose the right design and style for you. You can order us any of the specified gold statement earrings and we will deliver you the best quality earrings at very competitive prices.



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