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Fruits Shapes

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Aphrodite Silver- brush pineapple stud earrings

From £9.00 - £15.00

Color | GOLD

Aphrodite- gold plated brush pineapple studs

From £9.00 - £14.50

Color | GOLD

If you remember 90’s then you will be aware of the fact that, at that time, fruit shape earrings were in fashion. At that time fruit shapes earrings were the symbol of coolness and from banana to mango shape there were different earrings. But today, all old trends are getting fame again so wearing a pair of fruit shapes earrings is also a cool idea so you can add more attraction to these earrings by using a simple gold chain.

We are proudly announcing that we are taking part in the revival of old trends and fashions so here you will find the unique and amazing fruit shapes earrings which will surely make you feel more attractive because our collection is up to date and according to the customer’s choice.

You can also use the combination of different fruits in your earrings and you will find different designs from cherry fruit shape drop-earrings to pineapple stud earrings at our online store.



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