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Axillary Silver- leaf stud earrings


Colour | Silver Plated

Semele- gold plated leaf ear cuff earrings

From £5.00 - £15.00

Colour | Silver Plated or Gold

Amber L


Sienna R


Yasmine B


Kiara K Silver


Colour | Champagne & Silver

Chlo‘ M Silver


Colour | Gold

Mia W


Emmy R


Michelle L


Paula P


Women cannot even think to attend any function without wearing a beautiful pair of earrings so you can judge the importance of these earrings in the life of women. This is the reason that trends are continuously getting changed in them.  

Earrings are capable to complete your fashion statement and from silver to gold, there is a wide range of them so if we talk about silver earrings then you will find the best designs at our store and they are available in different sizes so that you can choose the best one according to your face structure and personal liking.

Due to the metallic bright white shine in them, silver jewelry is the first choice for most women. Due to this reason, silver earrings are always in top sales and designer silver jewelry is the modern form of jewelry around the globe. It is equally popular as gold jewelry but the best thing about silver jewelry is that it comes on a little budget so if you want to buy a perfect pair of silver earrings then take a deep look at our page to find the best earrings for you in very reasonable price tag.



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