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  • About My Roial Ears Fashion

    March 03 2021 – Marjorie Kargbo

    About My Roial Ears Fashion

    Hello Royalties!   My Roial Ears Fashion is young and very much in line with trends from runways and around the globe!    She is carries the spirit of flowers and loves anything new and different.  Headpiece By Anna Kompaniets The runway is her playground and she is a walking statement giving with vivid colours and bold finishing’s.  Designers: Act...

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  • Our Collections Introductory

    March 03 2021 – Marjorie Kargbo

    Our Collections Introductory

      Hello Royalties!  We classified ourselves to be your online shop to help you find the perfect earrings or head accessories that will mark every moment in your life. To make shopping easier for you, we have four categorized collections: My Roial Ears- Fashion My Roial Ears-Occasional My Roial Ears Bride My Roial Ears- Gold   Our profound collections welcome’s...

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  • Creating My Roial Ears

    November 12 2020 – Marjorie Kargbo

    Creating My Roial Ears

    Hello Royalties!  The best way to gain support is to firstly believe in yourself and in your idea. This what my idea of My Roial Ears made me do.  I will firstly like to start this blog post thanking God because He is the one that blesses and continues to see me through. No other way I could have done...

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