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Introducing My Roial Ears

November 11 2020 – Marjorie Kargbo

Introducing My Roial Ears

Introducing My Roial Ears

Hello Royalties

Thank you so much for reading this blog and for your support! My name is Marjorie Kargbo and I am the founder of My Roial Ears. I am ever so excited to confirm this good news, after years of working on it. I also cannot wait to share our future plans, with you in our upcoming posts. 

I am sure you have all read or noticed what our brand stands for if not read about us and about our collections


about My Roial Ear


My Roial Ears was birthed in 2018 from a simple idea that I had of selling earrings. I wanted women to feel very special when wearing ear jewellery. I also wanted to share a message that they will relate to, when wearing this particular item, that is loved and worn mostly every day by many women. 

The small idea I had of selling earrings to my family and friends turned out to be something great. I wanted to create an earring shop like no other! One that will declare the message that I wanted to share to women of all ages, backgrounds and sizes; that they are queens and always will be while wearing our product

I wanted My Roial Ears to be the best, I imagined it be and for the queens that will wear it. So single-handedly, I began to save, researched and found myself to fall in love with the British monarchy and an ideology in royalty in earrings design. I began to save up and did my research and found myself falling in love with the jewellery collection of the British monarchy.

From a young age like many, I have witnessed an ever-changing journey in how people wear earrings, whether it be due to culture, society or the environment. I grew up viewing ear jewellery as reminder, just like how it was a reminder to many that I was a girl, from my first ear piecing as a baby. The reminder was in Beauty and found and found this spark with just a simple ear jewellery on. I also embraced the effects that different earrings created to ones look and outfit. Reasons why I now believe that earrings hold a strong message to one’s identity and personal value.


Designers: Act N°1 Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2020 Milan,Balmain at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2020,Saint Laurent,jencheema,Prabal Gurung,Valentino at Couture Spring 2020,Givenchy at Paris Fashion Week Spring 2019,Act N°1 Ready To Wear Spring Summer 2020 Milan, Schiaparelli At Couture Spring 2020 and Saint Laurent


From a design background in Textiles and Fashion design, my love for the runway and designer pieces are core. In this, earrings found on the runway were what I admired the most and became my main inspiration for the brand. I still one day hope to bring this within the brand but from my current buyings, I am now attracted to value the beauty within commercial earring design. 

I started buying different types of earrings globally, from different suppliers and small businesses. I bought stunning and extravagant designs, of different shapes, sizes, stones and metals, believing that earrings hold a strong message to one’s identity and personal value. I also recognized the relationships that earrings play in fashion, styling and lifestyle. I saw each to be special and different relating to a journey that they play in woman hood. This was how My Roial Ears, Fashion, Occasional, Bridal and Gold were birthed. Headpieces were also added to celebrate and project  the brands intentions.

Starting a business is not an easy journey ; this I can tell you from first-hand experience. However, what kept me going was the message I had for the brand and what I had for the brand and its core values. That is to proclaim power in self-worth, with the intention to inspire beauty and elevate women’s status with its products. 

I pre-launched My Roial Ears in December 2018 to generate the business and to present an awareness to the brand. Since then I have received so much support from individuals that I will now call family to the business. I am now ever grateful to present My Roial Ears to you!! 

Read about the people that have supported My Roial Ears in our up coming posts 

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