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Creating My Roial Ears

by Marjorie Kargbo 12 Nov 2020

Hello Royalties! 

The best way to gain support is to firstly believe in yourself and in your idea. This what my idea of My Roial Ears made me do. 
I will firstly like to start this blog post thanking God because He is the one that blesses and continues to see me through. No other way I could have done My Roial Ears will out him and I have seen God’s hands thoroughly within the brand. Knowing that by trusting in Him I will continue to see his profound Glory.
From my our last blog post I mentioned that My Roial Ears was pre-launched in 2018 and from it being my first ever business. I had no idea how to run I was going to generate it but held on strong to submitting the idea. I saw beauty, wealth and class within the identity that wore earrings and know that it was a message to hold on to. 


Dolce & Gabbana fall 2013

Dolce & Gabbana fall 2013 images from

My Roial Ears Inpirsation

Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012 images from

One of my very first inspirations were taken from Dolce & Gabbana fall 2013 read to wear collection the was influenced by the Art of Mosaic making in Sicily’s Cathedral. Fell in love the brands accessorise and found a meaningful purpose in its beauty, creativity, craft, colours and how the models carried it. Dolce & Gabbana’s spring summer 2019 and Alta Moda 2017- FW 2018-18 shows all give me a great push to knew and welcome My Roial Ears. 
My Roial Ears Inspiration

Dolce & Gabbana’s spring summer 2019 images from

 This inspiration opened up so many to looking in to and helped me to know that Royalty was the main. My Roial Ears was first spelt correctly as in My Royal Ear but due to the sonority of the Queen it was changed to Roial. Roial an archaic spelling and an old French word for Royal. 

One of my key inspiration also streamed during Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding in 2018. Royal weddings have always been an amazement and from watching Prince Charles and Princess Dania as a child to Prince William and Kate’s and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s. An excitement and wonder have always been and it is now all in My Roial Ears Bridal Collection. 
Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding

Photoshoots & Collaborations 

We will go into our collection the contents of our collections My Roial Ears Bridal, Fashion, Occasional and Gold in our future posts. But I will now like to thank the people that have helped these come together.  Starting with Ui OMadam Bridal ATRLIER now rebranded as Cynthia Grafton-Holt
My Roial Ears and Cynthia Grafton-Holt

Cynthia Grafton-Holt styling our models in her bridal  dresses. Models in our QUEEN LIZZIE  & QUEEN HELENA Headpiece, Bridal Earrings Q.JANE & Q.KATE

In the search to research more about the types of earring and headpieces for My Roial Ears Bridal. Attending wedding shows to speak and network with bridal vendor was what I did. From this I came across Cynthia Grafton-Holt, an incredible bridal designer and owner of Ui OMadam Bridal ATRLIER. Her work was what I saw and fell in love with from the catwalk at the show bridal show and I could not wait but to ask her for help with my very first photoshoot for the brand. Surprisingly she accepted to help me with the shoot and even though there were some trails and errors on the day of the shoot. Her support has remain until now.
My Roial Ears and Cynthia Grafton-Holt
Read more about: Cynthia Grafton-Holt

 Another name that I am grateful to mention is Lady (Instagram @Ladylikehb); a hair and makeup stylist who approached us whiles styling a bridal client of ours. She fell in love we our earrings and headpiece, understood what we stood for and continued to support. From this she transformed our models to look just like the Queens they are and have help us to work with many other high profiled professionals. 
Headpiece Beauty Shoot

Hair and Makeup by @Ladylikehb Models styled in Q.ROSALIE (Bridal Earrings) Headpieces QUEEN VIOLET and earrings and headpiece sets QUEEN MAGGIE with QUEEN SIMONE

Sarah Boadu (a bespoke fashion designer) – Lady introduced our Brand to collaborate in Sarah Boadu’s 2019 collection shoot. Read About Sarah Boadu
Our Shoot with Sarah Boadu
This Shoot also opened opportunities for us to work with Heather Dapaah an impressive bridal and celebrity hair stylist and the owner of an award wining salon called HER DEFINITION.

Our Bridal Earrings and Headpiece collections can now be found at HER DEFINTION for sell and is used by within Heather Dapaah’s bridal service.  
The other people/brand I will like to mention and thank true within the Blog are, St James Court, A Taj Hotel , Dar Hair (celebrity hairstylist), RedBee a bespoke fashion tailoring band (Instagram @redbee), Bespoke Bridal BeautyGavinSp (photographer and videographer) along with all the models, hair and make stylists that we have worked with. 

 Watch our first ever photoshoot and Subscribe to our You-Tube Channel.

Hair Stylists Olivia Green Hair and Makeup Stylist Shaz Hoque

We sincerely thank you all greatly for supporting us from the beginning. Hope that we will continue to support each other to make a difference.
Read about our collections in our up coming posts 
Shopping our collections and consider yourself a #mrequeen
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Marjorie Kargbo 
Every woman deservers a crown where yours well with us
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